Aman Kothari, grade 9 student VKE makes way into the European circuit international tennis

PUNE: Grade 9 student of the Victorious Kidss Educares, Kharadi, Aman Kotharo]I, has made his way into the European circuit and will now jump into the International Tennis World. Having been selected into one of the top tennis academies in Europe, the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy (MTA) in the South of France, Aman will now train and compete with European Circuit and World players through the professional coaches from Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, a statement issued by the school said.

Aman’s mother, Did said, “A disciplined schedule and approach helped him to focus on his goals of learning tennis and ?tness while tapping his potential. He started believing in himself and his dreams of being a good tennis player, more each day and was fully convinced that he had the full support of his coach and family team all the way. His e?orts paid o? with District and State championship wins in U-12,14 and16 in 2018-19.”

During the summer, Aman travelled to California, USA and played at the prestigious Stanford University, with Paul Goldstein at the Nike summer camp. He was incredibly happy to meet players from all over the world and to play at the Stanford campus, a memory that will remain etched in his mind forever.

In June 2019, he moved to Pune to start the next phase of his tennis training journey with yet another stalwart in the Tennis world, the prestigious Dyan Chand awardee, Coach Nandan Bal. Aman was very lucky to be under his tutelage for a year and ?ne tune his techniques and match temperament, while playing with some of the best students of Maharashtra that were

Currently, moving on to new horizons and training grounds, Aman’s next goal is to step into the “International Tennis World and European Circuit”. He has been selected by one of the top tennis academies in Europe, the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy (MTA) in South of France, to continue his training and compete with European players through a ‘Tennis School Program.

Aman said that he received academic support and encouragement from his school and President Dr. Robbin Ghosh and principal Ms. Saarada Ghosh who were very encouraging right from the beginning of admission.

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