Diablo Intro Movie

Intro for the Diablo game from Blizzard.
Story of the intro:
“Many of the warriors in Khanduras joined their kingdom’s army and went to war against the kingdom of Westmarch. After suffering defeat at the hands of their neighboring country, the surviving warriors came home to a cursed land. Motivated by a large array of rewards, (glory, gold, etc.) the warriors went beneath the desecrated church to face the evil it housed.”

“It is believed that the warrior was the intended character for the player to use, as the game’s intro movie featured only this class and the cutscenes in Diablo II showed the Lord of Terror with similar features. Other, more subtle clues also hint at this throughout Diablo II in NPC speeches.”

Revisit Diablo 1:
To those who are interested in a revisit to the Diablo game: Back in 2003 I made a Diablo remake mod to the “Neverwinter Nights” game by Bioware. All music and speach is from the original Diablo game.
Check it out here:


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