IIT Delhi goes online for next semester, to call students to campus in December

NEW DELHI: IIT-Delhi has decided to go online for the coming semester and may only call students to the campus in December. The institute is likely to abide by a report on post Covid-19 strategy prepared by a sub-committee of six IITs. The report, submitted to the Standing Committee of IIT Council (SCIC) on June 15, and accessed by TOI, had suggested that the UG admissions should be as per JEE schedule where the selection process and interviews will be online and all newly admitted students will start the programme in December 2020 – January 2021 timeframe.

The report has also suggested that all two-year PG programmes to be compressed in 18 months with each institute to have flexibility in conducting the program over 3 regular or 4 reduced semesters; while MBA and other similar programmes may move to a complete online mode for the first semester and start as per schedule.

According to a senior official at IIT-Delhi “we are going to follow the report as the number of cases is high in Delhi and we want to make sure that students’ safety is paramount.”

The sub-committee report also suggested that of the Research Scholars (PhDs), post-docs and PG students engaged in research only those who require experimental research facilities and institute resources shall be permitted to return to the campus, on a voluntary basis.

It added that the IITs will allow other theoretical, mathematical and computational research activities to be conducted remotely and that “no individual shall be forced to return to campus; their return to campus has to be voluntary, in consultation with their research advisors / supervisors, and other relevant Institute authorities.”

For those IITs who did not complete their 2019-20 semesters they will have their teaching completed through online mode, and through evaluations like viva, online quizzes, and online exams; and all those exam that are required to be conducted through physical presence, should be done when it is safe for students to travel.

For the 2020-21 semester students the report said, classes for all UG and PG programs to be conducted in online mode for all courses and only those students who have poor connectivity or may not have access to internet may be permitted to return to campus but they will take the online classes from their hostels.

For the new students, their laboratory courses will be deferred to the summer of 2021 and be completed in an intensive 2-3 week period.

For those students coming back to campus, IITs are to make sure that quarantine, isolation and travel safety measures be taken care of.

“IIT Delhi will facilitate for an adoption and implementation of cheaper COVID-19 testing kit, developed by IIT Delhi” and there would be a testing of all IIT community members.

IITs have been asked to review the situation again in October, 2020 and add more measures if required.

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