Institutes must provide accommodation and transportation support to competitive exams aspirants

To ease out the pressure on candidates appearing for the JEE Advanced exam amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) is offering overnight accommodation to the aspirants and their parents.

Earlier, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh state governments had announced free travel and accommodation to JEE (Main) and NEET candidates. But, no state government or institute has declared similar support for JEE Advanced aspirants.

Sudhir K Jain, director, IITGN, says that the idea for the initiative was conceived in one of the informal conversations among the institute’s administration and the aim is to make optimum utilization of the existing resources.

“Institutes have been closed down since March 2020. In most premier institutes, including IITs, there is no dearth of resources. As the exam will start at 9 am, it may turn out to be difficult for students who will be travelling from afar to the exam centres. Amid coronavirus, people are apprehensive to stay with relatives and hotels are costly. So, we are only trying to utilize the available accommodation to help the aspirants save time and money,” he tells
Education Times.

The IITGN campus is located in Palaj and hence, the institute may also provide transportation facility from the campus to a drop-point in the city.

Jain adds, “Not conducting the competitive exams is not a solution as it will only hamper the academic cycle. But, the higher education institutes (HEIs) must rise to the occasion and utilise their resources for the benefit of the students. At the end of the day, JEE advanced qualifiers are the students who will join the IITs. They have been preparing hard to be a part of the ecosystem and they must feel safe.”

The JEE Advanced candidates who have their centres in the Gandhinagar/Ahmedabad region can register themselves on for overnight stay facility at IITGN.

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