Punjabi University gets Patent on ‘Biosensor Device’ to detect spurious milk

PATIALA: Punjabi University Patiala has been granted an Indian Patent on “Biosensor Device and Method for Estimation of Urea”. The main objective of this work is to detect urea (carbamide) which is present in milk or is used to prepare synthetic milk. The developed technology has distinct advantages over the earlier sensors reported in terms of its rapid response.

The work is done by the research team under the supervision of Prof Minni Singh and her team Prof. Neelam and Varun Thakkar at the Department of Biotechnology, Punjabi University

The researchers said that by the invention of the technology it is easily possible to tackle the menace of spurious milk which sees an up-rise particularly during festivals.

“This is another great achievements’ of the faculty members of the Punjabi University, Patiala. Many new projects have been sanctioned and the improvement in the NIRF ranking is significant attainment of the University”, the university authorities said.

Speaking about the achievement, Prof Ashok Kumar Malik, Director, Directorate of Planning and Monitoring who is also functioning as the Coordinator of Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer Cell of the University said that the University follows the motto- “Patent, Publish and Prosper” -and encourages the faculty towards inventive technologies.

Prof. B.S. Ghuman. Vice-Chancellor, Punjabi University expressing his pleasure on this significant achievement, added that many Universities file a large number of patents and thereby follow the number game, however, it is no easy task for a patent to be granted, and that is what actually adds value for an organization. He congratulated all faculty members of the Department of Biotechnology and stressed on the need to do applied research. The Department of Biotechnology has the maximum number of granted patents in the University.

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