School-going girls encourage people donate gadgets to help needy students attend online classes

CHANDIGARH: A group of five girls in Chandigarh have taken an initiative to collect electronic devices from people as donations for In an effort to help needy students to attend online classes.

Speaking to ANI, Saachi Ahuja, one of the girls said, “We’ve given gadgets to 21 girls. It’s helping them to attend online classes as schools are closed.”

These school-going teenagers have come together to encourage youngsters to donate their gadgets like mobile phones and laptops for underprivileged girls who cannot afford these gadgets for online learning.

It has been almost four months that all the schools have been closed due to the COVID-19 induced lockdown which has pushed students to opt for e-learning.

Under the initiative ‘Prerna – for you and us’, these girls approach the youngsters to donate gadgets and provide the same to underprivileged girls.

These girls have also been helped by their tutor at Chandigarh.

Another girl from the group said, “We talked to our teacher and got to know that there are some students who cannot attend e-classes so we came up with an idea of Prerna – for you and us under which we encourage people to donate their gadgets for the needy ones.”

According to the Union Health Ministry, there are 2,095 active cases in the Union Territory with 68 deaths so far.

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