Schools open in Ambala after five months for clearing doubts of students only

AMBALA: The government and private schools opened in Ambala on Monday, after a gap of about five months as they were closed due to Covid-19 pandemic.

However, as per the government guidelines, the schools have been opened only for clearing doubts of the students in any subjects of their syllabus only for Class IX to XII and that too after the written consent of the parents, told Ambala district education officer (DEO) Suresh Kumar.

He said the regular classes have not been started yet and the students are being given homework through online modes.

DEO Suresh said, “The attendance of students remained low on day one and it will increase with time.”

DEO Suresh said, “The students are allowed only for clearing their doubts after written consent from their parents in a batch of 20 students at one time to ensure the maintenance of social distancing and all students must wear masks. They will be medically screened and the school teachers and staff are being permitted to come to school after Covid-19 negative report.”

“We have started issuing consent forms to the parents, to ascertain how many of the parents are willing to send their children to the schools. This will help in making strategy in opening schools in the come days”, said DEO Suresh.

On the other side, the students of private schools did not attend schools as their teachers have already cleared their doubts during classes through online modes.

Seema Dutt, a faculty DAV Public School, Ambala told, “We are using Microsoft Team application to take online classes of our students and their doubts are cleared in their classes only. So, the students did not arrive at school as they may not have any doubts in their minds.”

Another concern is the paid Covid-19 test, as the private school teachers are saying that they will have to pay for the test in these times, when they are struggling through an income crunch, whereas, the government school teachers’ tests are being conducted at the cost of their department.

DEO Suresh said, “We had written a letter to CMO Ambala, through the district deputy commissioner (DC) and the Covid-19 tests of our teachers and staff are being conducted at eight centers in Ambala at the cost of government. So far, the private schools will have to manage themselves.”

National Independent Schools’ Alliance president Kulbhushan Sharma said, “We have written to Haryana home minister Anil Vij and other concerned authorities for arrangements of free Covid-19 tests of the private school teachers and staff at the cost of government. It is discriminatory in nature that private schools will pay for the test and the government ones will not. The students, teachers, and staff of private schools also belong to this country and in the times of the pandemic, all are equal. The private school staff have low salaries while the government ones are paid good ones. We demand an arrangement of free Covid-19 tests for private schools too.”

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