Teachers favour reopening of schools for board aspirants, here is why

Going back to school after a gap of almost six months was an amazing experience for Sonam Rani, a class XII (Commerce) student at, Nigdhu, Karnal.

“Meeting friends, interacting with teachers, seeing my school made me excited when I attended physical classes for two days during the trial run,” says Sonam who is set to appear for the in 2021. She adds that despite the best efforts by our teachers, online education continues to be a supplementary mode.

“Some of us are not privileged enough to have the required infrastructure, while many do not have educated family members to guide them with the studies. Majority of us are dependent on our teachers in case of any doubt,” says Sonam, who wants an early resumption of classes in view of the board examinations. Intermittent or lack of electricity and internet and accessibility to smartphone or laptop, computer, less or no technological knowledge are among the major challenges for students from humble background for a seamless digital learning experience.

“With the opening of offices and other establishments, parents are back to work while students are still confined to their home. Those who are set to appear for the board exam in 2021 are quite apprehensive about syllabus completion and preparation for the exam,” says Renu, English teacher at Government High School, Bazidpur Saboli, Sonipat. Her school was one of the two government schools which conducted trial classes for two days this month.

To ensure maximum participation, Renu says that she plans her online classes as per the availability of parents at home so students can attend.

Sulinder Kumar, Economics teacher at Government Modern Sanskrit School, Nigdhu, Karnal, has a similar narrative to share. “Besides digital infrastructure, absence of well educated parents and family members are other difficulties for students. In case of subject-related doubts and technical glitches they have no option but to frantically make phone calls to teachers,” says Kumar who also favours resuming offline classes for students from class IX to XII.

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