The Unsuperheroes | Web Series | Episode 1 – The Un-Becoming | 4K

Fighthouse presents the FIRST of six episodes for our web series, THE UNSUPERHEROES!!!

Issue #1 – With the slip of a tongue, Derrick sets his best friend Jerry on the path to being a costumed crusader, and when Jerry shows up with two costumes, Derrick finds himself in the passenger seat of what may turn out to be quite the ride.

Starring: Alexander Baxter as Jerry/Ant-Bear Man
Jarius Hardnett as Derrick/Red Panda
Kenisha Johnson as Liz

Directed by: Caitlynn Silvius
Produced by: Long Nguyen
Andrew Stegenga
Story by : Long Nguyen
Andrew Stegenga
Hunter Callahan
Ben Trapanese
Editors: Jesse Jones
Mark Grandlund
Music by: Drew Mullins

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